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The Band ‘Irish Coffee’ is actually made up of five musicians. The group plays traditional and new arranged music from the green island.

Irish Coffee is well known for striking arrangements of traditional music but also plays contemporary musicians and songwriters. The band’s repertoire is growing rapidly.

The band typically performs at either cultural centres or at private events such as weddings or birthday parties. Irish Coffee is also renowned as a festival-organisator: On the occasion of its ten-years anniversary the band planned and carried out the first Irish-Folk-Festival in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 1999. The Festival was repeated in the two following years with wow and an audience of 800 to 1000 people each time.

Irish Coffee was founded more than 25 years ago as a guitar ensemble by Bruno Szordikowski, a guitar teacher at the Muelheim/Ruhr school of music and a fan of Irish culture and music. The band soon discovered that guitars alone could not do justice to the beautiful Irish music. So little by little the musicians and their instruments changed.

Irish Coffee now consists of:

SusanneSusanne Krämer

Vocals, Flute, Tin Whistles, Banjo, acoustical Guitar, Cajon, Spoons, Rattles

Since 1989


BiancaBianca Köhring

Fiddle, Viola

Since 1990



SilkeSilke Schenck

Vocals, Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Bodhrán, Cajon, Washboard, Spoons, Tinker bells

Since 1994



GerdGerd Krämer

Accordion, Bodhrán, Cajon, Spoons, Chimes

Since 1995

HendrikHendrik Erkelenz

Vocals, Guitar

Since 2014



Irish Coffee has published four CDs so far [see "Tonträger"]:

In December 2011 we published our fourth CD "Here's to Ireland". It also includes three live-bonus-tracks.

In December 2005 our third CD „The Green Album“ was published. Still available.

In 1998 we produced a new CD „Stand Up And Dance“, this time allowing for more production time. Already sold out.

In 1994 – on the spur of the moment – Irish Coffee recorded an audio CD. It took us only two days and, as you can imagine, the CD is very spontaneous. And most importantly: we had a lot of fun doing it. This must have come across, as the CD is already sold out: „Tastes Well, But Sounds Better“